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projects & calendar

creation projects 2012

calendar 2012


by Compagnie Humaine (France)

March 22 Cognac (France)

April 18 Nice (France)

Butterfly Soul

by Compagnie Humaine (France)

April 14 Nice (France)

October 26 Paris/Avis de turbulences Festival (France)

October 27 Paris/Avis de turbulences Festival (France)

Butterfly Soul / movie

by Compagnie Humaine (France)

May 16-26 Cannes Film Festival (France)

June 30 Herford/Glow Dance Festival (UK)

September 22 Lisboa/Quinzena de dança de Almada (Portugal)

September 26 Almada/Quinzena de dança de Almada (Portugal)

September 28 Créteil/Plateaux du Val de marne (France)

October 05 Geneva/One and Only Fluxum Festival (Switzerland)

Enola's Children

by Compagnie Humaine (France)

March 01 Paris/Dance Box Festival (France)

March 02 Paris/Dance Box Festival (France)


by Compagnie Humaine (France)

September 27 Paris/Centre National de la Danse (France)

November 27 Marseille/KLAP Question de danse (France)

December 14 Monaco Dance Forum (Monaco) Premiere


by Compagnie Humaine (France)

October 05 Geneva (Switzerland)

November 24 Cannes (France)


by Compagnie Humaine (France)

March 01 Paris/Dance Box Festival (France)

March 02 Paris/Dance Box Festival (France)

October 25 Paris/Avis de turbulences Festival (France)

October 27 Nice/Auditorium Conservatoire (France)


by Compagnie Humaine (France)

May 12 Monaco (Monaco)

Neige (play)

by Compagnie du Dire-Dire (France)

March 22 Nice (France)

March 22 Nice (France)

March 22 Nice (France)

April 17 Monaco (Monaco)

Compagnie Humaine (France)

creation of Juana

dance piece for 7 performers

world premiere on December 14th, 2012 at the Monaco Dance Forum

music Analía Llugdar

choreographer Eric Oberdorff

costumes Philippe Combeau

musical computing director Monica Gil Giraldo

lights Bruno Schembri

performers Donatienne Michel-Dansac /soprano, Myrtille Hetzel /cello, Anne-Lise Clément /clarinet, Cécile Robin Prévallée, Emma Lewis, Audrey Vallarino, Mariko Aoyama /dance

executive producer CIRM

coproduction Compagnie Humaine, Monaco Dance Forum, CCN Malandain Ballet Biarritz

with support by French Ministry of Culture and Communication

residences for the creation National Conservatoire of Nice, Choreographic Development Center of Val de Marne, CND/Centre National de la Danse

Choreographic piece commissioned by the CIRM, National Center for Music Creation, for an original music work by Argentinian composer Analia Llugdar, the project Juana is before anything else the encounter of two worlds of the contemporary creation in music and dance.

"... Juana is one character and many characters at once. Like a shattered mirror, she is broken up in many pieces which reflect a fragmented nivers where different facets of her life - or her lives -cohabit..." (A. Llugdar)

"... One stage. Seven women. All different, each unique. And yet strangely similar. Mirror of each other ? ... Each, reflection of herself, memo ry or attempt to escape this imprisoned image. Quest of oneself, search for meaning. Doubt, guilt, irrational fears, headlong rush, forward, backward,. But not without joy and love. Nor forgiveness..."(E. Oberdorff)

You can discover here excerpts of rehearsal shot in Nice during the first rehearsal period in June 2012.